Geek-Inspired Drag Artistry

House of Haven is a conundrum. A riddle wrapped in an enigma. We are a place where you can be yourself and look nothing like you do when have to blend in with the muggles. We value performances that are as powerful as love and as ephemeral as a wish. We are building a community that exists without a place, is united by what makes us different, and that values truth as portrayed in costume. COME JOIN US.



The House of Haven Prelims are now complete! Thank you to all the lovely performers who participated.

Here are your winners:


Feature 1

Winner: Alexander The Great

Alexander the great is a one of a kind drag king, aerialist performer, and a member of Boiz of Austin. Portraying Anakin Skywalker bringing us that perfect bad boy attitude and showing us just how much not to be afraid of the dark side bad boy image. Alexander did advance into the House of Haven and will be have a spot in the House of Haven Show and Ball at Havencon 2019.


Winner: Dandy Velour

Always a star pupil, Hermione Granger...oops I mean the incredible Dandy Velour brought us magical charm and hypnotic trances with a burlesque performance. Never a dull moment in their book and in true Hermione fashion was top of their class and secured a spot also in the new House of Haven and will be performing on stage at the House of Haven Show and Ball at Havencon 2019.


Winner: Drew Hart

Come little children, let the amazingly talented Drew Hart take you away into the land of enchantment with a stellar Sanderson sister in the Hocus Pocus tribute. Bewitching the stage and giving us a show that had us dancing till we died with delight Drew managed to secure another House of Haven spot and moved into the House of Haven Show and Ball at Havencon 2019.