HavenCon Is:


Kathryn, Board President

Kathryn Gonzales, MBA, is the Operations & Programs Director at Out Youth, an Austin-based nonprofit that serves as a second home for youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Her geekdom spans fandoms from Star Trek to Bob’s Burgers, mostly in that she shares an unhealthy obsession for coffee and other caffeinated beverages with her idols, Captain Kathryn Janeway and Tina Belcher. Kathryn's work is heavily influenced by her research into the evolutionary importance of storytelling in our everyday lives, and is always seeking out new ways for LGBTQIA+ people to share their stories and passions with the world.


Karin, Board Secretary

Karin Weekes is Lead Editor at the BioWare game studio, where she's worked on the Dragon Age franchise (Origins, DA 2, and Inquisition), the Mass Effect franchise (ME2, ME3, and Andromeda), Star Wars: The Old Republic, and most recently on the new Anthem title.

Karin holds an M.A. in Journalism from Stanford University, where she learned that she liked editing and writing punny headlines much more than interviewing story sources, and a B.A. in Communication from the University of New Mexico. When not working, Karin sings, costumes anyone who will hold still long enough to be measured, and enjoys the outdoors when it stops being really damn cold. She lives in Edmonton, AB, Canada with her husband, Patrick, their two school-age sons, who regularly hand their mother her ass in an ever-increasing number of console and Switch games, and a host of rescued dogs and cats.


Nick, Board Treasurer

Nicholas Ruggiero works for the Tax Policy Division of the Texas Office of the Comptroller. He's currently a graduate student at Texas State earning a Master's Degree in Public Administration. Nicholas is from Buffalo, NY and has lived in Austin for six years. He loves to nerd out over tabletop RPGs, video games, Star Trek, sci-fi/fantasy movies, cats, sewing, and costumes.

Nicholas helped found the LGBA at Buffalo State College as an undergrad, and served as its president; the organization continues today under the name "Pride Alliance". Nicholas was inspired to join HavenCon by its mission to provide a Haven for LGBTQIA+ geek and gamer communities.


Michael, Executive Director

By day, Michael is a bookkeeper and HR administrator. He earned an MLA in History with a focus on 20th century queer social revolutions from St. Edwards University.

When it comes to fandom, Michael says "Dragon Age is life, Star Trek is my religion, Steel Magnolias is my calling." Outside of nerdom, he loves reading, writing, politics, history, philosophy, cosmology, camping, travel, and hiking. He loves cooking but hates baking.

Michael's favorite quote is: "Work like you don’t need the money, love like you have never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching."

Susie, Operations Director

Susie Meadows is an ally, a nerd, a wife and mom, and an avid board game geek. In addition to HavenCon, she works for Ikea, and as a parent- ensuring the next generation of nerds are well educated. Susie has also worked as a freelance stage manager and general live theatre minion. Her fandoms include Star Trek, Dr. Who, and Discworld.

Homer, Programming Director

Homer Alvarez is a writer, gamer, and more-than-occasional purveyor of sass. When not working at his day job or re-re-revising his writing, Homer spends his time attending cons, playing the Mass Effect Trilogy “just one more time,” and explaining the artistic merits of Battlestar Galactica and Twin Peaks to any human or feline in his immediate vicinity. His fandoms also include Dragon Age, Orphan Black, Silent Hill, and The Expanse.

Michael, Volunteer/Grand Illusionist Coordinator

Michael Williams is an avid movie buff, gaymer, outdoor camper, and Husky Dad. When not working overnights, Michael spends his time attending local and state ren faires, playing Final Fantasy XIV, Assassins Creed: Odyssey, or Diablo 3 on Ps4, and hiking and camping with his 3yr old husky Koda. His fandoms include Once Upon a Time, Batman, Sword Art Online, and too many others to count.


Josef, AV Director

Hi! My name is Josef Ricketts--aka Whines--and I've been helping out with the sound and the lighting at HavenCon since year one. The main stage is where you can find me during most of the con.

In the real world, I work at KLRU, Austin's public television channel. My partner Jacob probably wasn't planning on being a roadie, but he helps out tons and is very tolerant about the piles of equipment cases in our living room...most of the time. :slightly_smiling_face:

I also work at several Texas furry conventions, such as Alamo City Furry Invasion over in San Antonio, and I like to sneak into the dance floor when I can. Drag shows are becoming a fixture at furry cons the past few years, and I think it's a great cross pollination; the performances of the kings and queens are super inspirational for fursuiters or cosplayers!

Tiffo, Captain of Registration

This is Tiffo's third year with HavenCon and their first year as Captain of Registration. When they are able to stumble upon some semblance of free time between all the woes of adulting they can usually be found writing, working with online fandom and writing groups, or cross stitching (when they should be writing). Recently, after nearly a decade of video game hiatus, they played through the Resident Evil 2 remake and were filled with the warm feeling of nostalgic jump-scares and new tests of their stress management skills.
Their fandoms include: Ghost Hunt, Cowboy Bebop, Mob Psycho 100, Historical and Supernatural fiction, Resident Evil, & LOTR.


Philip, Brand & Web Designer

Philip Miranda is the mastermind behind HavenCon’s new look and new website! He’s an ally, designer, and starving artist who peddles good looking images for money. He also loves cooking, spending way too much time assembling new playlists for working when he should just be working, and will maybe possibly hopefully get around to writing that comic someday. Philip’s been coming to HavenCon since Year One, and is excited to be helping to build a safe space for people like his wife and others in the LGBTQIA+ community. When he’s not making art or lifting weights, he can probably be found trying out new recipes and finding out if there’s anything that can’t be improved by a little cayenne.