Kathryn Gonzales, MBA, is the Operations & Programs Director at Out Youth, an Austin-based nonprofit that serves as a second home for youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Her geekdom spans fandoms from Star Trek to Bob’s Burgers, mostly in that she shares an unhealthy obsession for coffee and other caffeinated beverages with her idols, Captain Kathryn Janeway and Tina Belcher. Kathryn's work is heavily influenced by her research into the evolutionary importance of storytelling in our everyday lives, and is always seeking out new ways for LGBTQIA+ people to share their stories and passions with the world.



Karin Weekes is Lead Editor at the BioWare game studio, where she's worked on the Dragon Age franchise (Origins, DA 2, and Inquisition), the Mass Effect franchise (ME2, ME3, and Andromeda), Star Wars: The Old Republic, and most recently on the new Anthem title.

Karin holds an M.A. in Journalism from Stanford University, where she learned that she liked editing and writing punny headlines much more than interviewing story sources, and a B.A. in Communication from the University of New Mexico. When not working, Karin sings, costumes anyone who will hold still long enough to be measured, and enjoys the outdoors when it stops being really damn cold. She lives in Edmonton, AB, Canada with her husband, Patrick, their two school-age sons, who regularly hand their mother her ass in an ever-increasing number of console and Switch games, and a host of rescued dogs and cats.



Nicholas Ruggiero works for the Tax Policy Division of the Texas Office of the Comptroller. He's currently a graduate student at Texas State earning a Master's Degree in Public Administration. Nicholas is from Buffalo, NY and has lived in Austin for six years. He loves to nerd out over tabletop RPGs, video games, Star Trek, sci-fi/fantasy movies, cats, sewing, and costumes.

Nicholas helped found the LGBA at Buffalo State College as an undergrad, and served as its president; the organization continues today under the name "Pride Alliance". Nicholas was inspired to join HavenCon by its mission to provide a Haven for LGBTQIA+ geek and gamer communities.